Client Testimonials

It was a real pleasure to work with Peter and his team. He is professional and intuitive, plus he surrounds himself with great team members that compliment his style and high level of service. Brent Krause
Peter is a consummate professional with a keen understanding of the Canadian real estate market. He not only possesses in-depth knowledge of current trends in the market, but his broader understanding of macroeconomic trends allow him to better project future growth and pricing scenarios which makes him an invaluable asset when navigating the often confusing and risky waters of Calgary’s real estate market.  Ross Sparkman
When we ran into issues selling our family business, Peter was genuinely interested in helping us sell. He was extremely meticulous and thorough, always knowledgeable and keen on answering questions. From start to finish, Peter was always working hard and making sure our best interest was in mind. I would highly recommend Peter and his team to anyone. I know they will always put their clients first - just like he did with us." Jenny Qn
Peter Ng conducts himself in a very professional manner, diligent, timely and with stricty business ethics. He is a man of integrity and provided prompt and effective results. I can highly recommend him for any projects. Anthony Chapman
Peter has been a real asset to Kinetic Performance Center. His knowledge, hardwork, and experience has helped us from the very beginning. There were many challenges when dealing with our commercial landloard, however Peter was there at the forefront ensuring any challenges were addressed and dealt with. Even after the completion of our construction he was still following up with the landlord and our team to ensure any issues were resolved. Peter will be my go-to person for any commercial or residential real estate needs.  Danny Yick, P.Eng, CFA
Peter is professional, pays attention to detail and most importantly, he is very technical while really paying attention to satisfying our needs. Working with Peter was a fantastic experience and it really helped us making not just a great decision but a satisfying journey that we are still enjoying today. Thomas Chiang